When Your Emotions Are Out Of Control

Here’s a closely held belief about emotions: they get out of control. Every felt that way?  Who hasn’t?
Whether it’s having a blow-out with a family member over something that, on the surface, seems all too insignificant.  Or harboring deep hurt and resentment in the workplace for personal some slight you perceived.  It can sometimes, or even often, feel like emotions take over and start running the show.
If your a conscious person, this experience can be pretty uncomfortable. You regret the way you behave when you have strong emotions.  You feel shameful of the way you lashed out at your partner, or the way your depression is spilling into your friendships.  So that you don’t have to have these overwhelming outbursts,  you cut your feelings off.  What else can you do?  They are out of control!
Here’s the truth of it: Emotions have a primitive nature. They arise automatically from our instinctual selves.  But they don’t have to overpower you.  In fact, when you learn to relate to and direct your intense feelings, you can actually harness great power.
To be the master of your feelings, you must understand their job and let them do it.  Just like you don’t want your Emotions ruling you, they don’t want you ruling them.  Nobody likes a tyrant.  Your feelings have a message for you.  Sitting,  Breathing, Listening,  Consciously Cooperating and the Guiding your feelings is the way to emotional healing, clarity and purpose.   Because with the right fines, your feelings become workhorses for your wellness.
So here’t the real truth – you may think emotions can control you, but really emotions are controlled by your Awareness!

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