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Learn It

You will develop innate skills of inner guidance, self-healing and personal power to use for the rest of your life.
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Try It

Master the SOS Method to resolve the most troubling feelings. Turn emotion to Devotion, stress into Peace.
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Do It

Develop a life-long set of skills to use in any tough situation. Use Empathic sensitivity to act, not react.
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Master Your Emotions


Pod Fear & Anxiety

Fear & Anxiety

Fear is meant to enhance peace by alerting you to anything that endangers your well-being.
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Pod Anger


The Purpose of Anger is to help us get what we need and protect us from harm.
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Pod Grief & Sadness

Grief & Sadness

It is part of the drive to go get, hold on to, and protect something that is needed.
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Pod Depression


Everyone has felt the empty darkness of Despair, Apathy and Depression.
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Pod Guilt


Guilt arises before, during, and/or after accidents and actions that require your review and correction.
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Pod Shame


Shame is a state of being in which your sense of self and of self-worth are at rock bottom.
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Pod Desire & Craving

Desire & Craving

With desire, you have likely experienced the two great misuses of any emotion.
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Jennifer Schwartz

GuruMeher’s work is really great and totally eye opening. I’m a basically pretty happy, “together” person but there is something that feels like a residue of unhappiness that surrounds me. Sometimes it’s hard to me to even pinpoint what is really going with me. I feel like I used to be a master at manifestation. These days, I can’t seem to get a handle on that. I’m not surrounded by people that I really find that stimulating and supportive and I feel like I am stuck in a dead end job. GuruMeher’s work has helped me to deal with those feelings a little bit better and I am getting so strong with each day.

Anne Burns

My monastic Himalayan teacher says that the word compassion means to see yourself as one within everybody else. And that the true meaning is not softness or even kindness although these are components which do create a compassionate nature. That we see others as our own self, truly without any degree of separation is compassion. GuruMeher truly emobodies these teachings. I like to think of your Senses of the Soul as a GPS for emotional navigation, or perhaps even as a tour guide for the emotional landscape. Its a very powerful and accessible system which every individual could benefit from.

Anna Pennenberg

I find GuruMeher’s Senses of the Soul work, a profound approach to growth and living life fully. It is clear and user-friendly. His courses provided a wonderful introduction into the technique, a deepening dive into emotional areas in each of us where our soul is calling. He is skillful in holding the group while teaching, coaching and guiding us through personal processes. Using Kundalini meditations is brilliant, and a most powerful somatic tool inspiring the body, mind and soul to connect in healing. I find myself and having huge insights into how to handle my emotions. I absolutely recommend this way of self-healing.


This work has helped me tap into even deeper self-love and acceptance. This work totally changed my life. I discovered genuine self acceptance and when deeper into self love than ever before.

Daniel Morales

Words can not really express the feeling of gratitude from the knowledge and blessings I received from SOS. I believe GuruMeher is at the forefront of a new way of dealing, handling and processing emotions to bring much needed healing and understanding.

Laura Aldrich

I thank GuruMeher so much for his work, it is truly life changing. I have been looking for answers to my blocks and he has helped me “dig” them up. This is just what I needed. A thousand thanks to GuruMeher!!

Private Coaching

GuruMeher provides life coaching, in person and over the phone
To help people use their emotions to find healing, guidance and happiness from within. His work combines the transformational power of yoga, the skills of coaching and mentoring, and his unique approach of understanding emotions as senses of the soul.