Group Call Recording 2018

Here are our Emotional Liberation group call recordings by date, NEWEST ON TOP. Click on the arrow below the date you want. You can click ahead on the timeline to go forward, pause and control volume.


08/15/18 – Class 105-1 – After a summer break (and no recording for class 106-4) we have a powerful start to our work with Depression.


07/18/18 – Class 106-3 – Good Grief!


07/11/18 – Class 106-2 – Grief 2.0


6/27/18 – Class 106-1 – Grief had a beautiful opening and soft landing with this group experience.


6/13/18 Class 104-4 – Anger wrap up


6/6/18 Class 104-3 – Anger is getting to be useful in peaking up with Requests and Boundaries.


5/30/18 Class 104-2 – Great Sharing! Opening up to trust.


5/23/18 Class 104-1 – Anger, it’s just a form of Power. Can we reprogram the history of misuse of this vital energy and repurpose it to protect and serve?


5/16/18 Class 103-4 – Desires of the Soul! Strong sharing by everyone made this a powerful finish to our introductory work with Desire.


5/9/18 Class 103-3 – We must separate and update Desires from the past, the future, and from each other.


5/2/18 Class 103-2 – Honoring and defining our needs clearly, assessing how well each is fulfilled. What do I really need and how can I diversify my sources to be content?


4/25/18 Class 103-1 – Our Desire work starts out with a very strong call full of sharing and depth.


4/18/18 Class 102-4 – Fear leads to fearlessness!


4/4/18 Class 102-2 – Many are getting real life answers from Fear and SOS Method!


3/28/18 Class 102-1 – A courageous opening to your work with Fear. Great sharing.


3/21/18 Class 101-4 – An early Tour of all 7 Heavy Heroes. Our EL heroes are FEELING!


3/14/18 Class 101-3 – Seeing our misuse styles and learning the SOS Method to get those allies on our side.


3/7/18 Class 101-2 – We begin to see emotions possibly as a positive force to work with.


4/28/18 Class 101-1 – Self Introductions. A great group, a strong start.


4/21/18 Orientation Call – Introductions, Course Logistics, Online Classroom walk-through.