Commit to Happiness 

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. ~ Confucius

I want to rally you to Engage in Change; to make this a year to end suffering.

Please know that we all have challenges. My recent survey showed your top issues are the many forms of:

Fear/ Anxiety/ Stress

Anger/ Aggression

Sadness/ Loss/ Loneliness

Shame/ Self-Esteem/ Self-love

Depression vs. Motivation

It is SO valuable to talk honestly and help each other. Remember that each of these has a job to do leads to Peace when used properly.

Now, once you see the pain, name the change(s) you want.
Next find and use the resources you need for growth:  Motivation, Information, Practice and Support.  Make a list, find, and use those assets to insure your success. (See ” 4 Pillars” article from 12/5.)

Now, let’s look at a last and trickiest hurdle that keeps many people from their wellness goals…
Sometimes you know what to do, have the tools and opportunities, and STILL STAY STUCK!

Some typical reasons:

I’m too busy, don’t have time or energy, it’s too hard, too big to deal with, it won’t work, I can’t. To postpone improvement is a CHOICE, actively engaged or, more often, unconsciously made. My teacher said, “It’s not that you can’t become great, it’s just… ‘Ugh’…that you don’t”. This is the most tragic of all.

Handle this block by making a commitment.  Commitment reflects a decision about what’s most important, creates focus. But it takes more than the mind, it comes from deep inside you. It takes more than the mind, which can change. Making a Commitment to Happiness that will carry you all the way through comes from the heart, the gut, your spirit. It is a solid knowing that it is true, it is time, it is YOU.

See if the Commitment is there:

– Get relaxed and quiet.  Go inside. Breathe deeply. When clarity comes…

Envision yourself transformed;

Contrast that with an unchanged future,

Ask your inner wisdom; let your Soul speak:

Am I ready to rise to a new level? Am I committed to it?

– Be real with what you find inside. Act on this inner guidance.

If you find a commitment just accept, agree, surrender to it as destiny. Then…

How will you do it? Make a plan to deliver it!Last week I sorted through your hundreds of ideas for the kind of support you’d like. Here are the top wishes:

-Clear info, specific steps, weekly reading/ videos/ practices.

-Supportive Community, safe peer sharing of real situations.

-Access to a coach for support; direct help with issues.

-Self-assessment questions for feedback on progress.

-Yoga/ meditation/ exercises specific to needs, issues and goals

-Tools and Certification to help others

If you are committed, set your structure in place. Click here to lay down your Commitment to Happiness and get ideas from others (Link to and seed it!)

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