Don’t Let Your History Confine Your Heart

Is this you, or have you ever seen anything like this?  You, or a someone you know, is in a perfectly loving relationship.  Everything is cozy and complete.  But you or your friend feel scared.  You’re not satisfied.  Everything is great, but it’s just not enough.  So you leave!

Meanwhile, your partner is giving with their whole being.  They are happy in the relationship and willing to work hard to make it grow.  Their only upset is that they are frustrated when all the love they give is rejected.

Be honest, are you been running this treadmill?  Do you feel dissatisfied, even when things are going great? History could be confining your heart.

We all have a habitual range and comfort zone of love based on what we’ve experienced in the past.  This history sets a minimum amount of love we rarely dip below.  You know your worth something and you won’t take anything less than that.
Curiously though, our history can also set maximums on love that are uncomfortable when exceeded.  It’s counter-intuitive and counter-productive, but we do it.  This is especially true if you grew up in a household that was cold.  Where there was a lot of neglect.  Where there was fighting.  Or where you felt lost and rejected.  You may be ready for more love and know you deserve more, but it’s hard to accept when historically you haven’t had a lot of love.

This month, many people are starting to think about relationships.  How they’d like to have one, or how they’d like to improve the one they are in.   More love is available right now.  Here’s a simple meditation to help you expand your capacity for love.

Expand Your Capacity to Let Love In:

Sit down comfortably in a quiet place.  Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Tune into the warmth of your body, your heartbeat, the air in your lungs, and peaceful sounds around you.  Mentally talk nicely to yourself.

Now, imagine that you are inhaling, deep and steady, through the center of the chest.  Exhale and release through the sternum area.  Feel that this breath is love, easily coming and going.

Bring in memories of anytime you have loved or felt loved, past or present.  Bring to mind memories like kisses, hugs, smiles and sunlight. Search through your world and gather bits of support, coziness, acts of kindness given and received, anything that feels good. Bring it in from all sources into the heart, like a hummingbird drinking nectar. If you notice a feeling that it is “too much”, relax more and let it on in. Expand the breath and imagine the vast space in your chest growing. Take in as much love as you can.  See for yourself that your World and the Universe have an infinite supply of this energy.

This meditation helps you get accustomed to a higher level of love, even if you came from a past were love was scarce. Practice often.  When you get accustomed to feeling lots of love often, more starts coming to you from the outside.

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