Audio Exercise 7 – Guilt – Your Guide to Truth


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Audio Exercise – Guilt – Your Guide to Truth

Chapter 9 Guilt: Your Guide to Truth
40 An Experience of Guilt
41 Lessons Learned with Convicted and Conflicted No More
42 Self-Renewal: Washing Away Patterns of Guilt and Shame with Pittra Kriya
43 Bless Yourself with Being Blessed 
44 Bless and Trust with Spiritual Stamina 

High Quality Mp3 Audio File to Support Chapters 1-3 in the book. If necessary it can also be enjoyed independently of reading material.
Downloaded in a zipped format and playable on any Mp3 supported devices (the vast majority of them will). Download link will expire after 4 days for security reasons. If you encounter any problems please contact us.

Enjoy and Become A Friend to Your Feelings.

SKU: SOSAudioExeciseBundle7

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