Emotional Liberation – The Book


If you want to feel better but don’t know how, this book will give you the tools you need.

Emotional Liberation is freedom from negative, reactive behavior patterns and the haunting history that caused them. This book will give you the theory and practice to use heavy emotions for personal growth and therapeutic healing.

When you learn how to mindfully work with your emotions, you regain your power and discover how to heal yourself.

Your feelings become a source of wisdom and guidance, instead of something that keeps you stuck.

You can order the book by itself, or you can also sign up for one or both of the accompanying courses to help you implement the tools in Emotional Liberation in your life:

The Positive Power of Your Feelings
Beyond Triggers and Trauma

This book will help you raise the quality of your mental and emotional wellbeing.

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Imagine that whenever you feel bad, you could always know why and, more importantly, what you need to do to feel better. You’d never be stuck in anxiety, depression, or dysfunction. You would handle any new crisis and recover from upsets quickly.

Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced trauma and the pain that causes heavy emotions and everyday reactions. Mindful processing of emotions is the key to recovery. Discover how your feelings can be tools for personal growth. Emotional Liberation teaches you to work well with your feelings and take control of situations that upset you, with practical tools to heal old wounds, find empowerment from trauma, and transform self-defeating patterns.

When emotionally agile, you can handle strong emotions and keep your cool when others are losing theirs. When emotionally skillful, you understand what others are feeling and can help them, rather than being triggered and drawn into their drama. Emotional Liberation is the freedom to live fully and authentically, and to move through the ups and downs of life with wisdom and grace.


Praise for GuruMeher Khalsa’s Emotional Liberation

In this book, GuruMeher offers a clear pathway to emotional freedom. You will learn how to transform trauma and reactivity into purpose and possibility. You will be empowered to identify patterns or false beliefs and reprogram your behavior for a life of success.
– Kia Miller, founder of Radiant Body Yoga

This book elucidates practical therapeutic strategies that facilitate a positive relationship with one’s emotional characteristic, history, and patterns of behavior to bring about an elevated emotional maturity, intelligence and a personal transformation.
– Sat Bir S. Khalsa, Ph.D., Asst. Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Having followed GuruMeher’s work for the past 40 years, it is with great pleasure I endorse his new book. Emotional Liberation gives great hope for this world by elevating us to live a more loving and nurturing life. Thank you, GuruMeher!
– Gurmukh Kaur, Legacy Yoga Teacher

GuruMeher provides holistic guidance for listening to and responding to our most challenging feelings. He compassionately weaves science and spirituality together to help transform emotional energy into evolutionary wisdom.
– Susan Bernstein, PhD (Somatic Psychology)


An Invitation to Healthcare Professionals

What is Emotional Liberation?

Part 1: Of Wounds and Recovery

1. Triggers and Patterns: Everyday Issues and Polite Insanity
2. Trauma: Source of Pain, Patterns and Transformation
3. Recovery and the Therapy of Self-Awareness
4. Emotions: Antibodies of Your Psychological Immune System

Part 2: Working with Emotions for Recovery and Beyond

5. Regain Contentment: Use Desire to Get What You Need
6. Restore Safety: Use Fear to Find Peace
7. Reclaim Power: Use Anger to Protect and Serve
8. Repair Love: Use Grief to Heal Your Heart
9. Reawaken Hope: Use Depression to Start Anew
10. Recover Innocence: Use Guilt to Clear Inner Conflict
11. Salvage Self-Esteem: Use Shame to Care for Yourself

Conclusion: We All Want to Feel Good

If you would like support and additional resources to help you integrate the teachings of Emotional Liberation into your life so that you can raise the quality of your mental and emotional wellbeing, there are two courses available to help you do that:

The Positive Power of Your Feelings
When you learn how to mindfully work with your emotions, you regain your power and discover how to heal yourself. This course will show you exactly what you need to do to feel better whenever you feel bad.

Beyond Triggers and Trauma
This course will help you break free from old emotional patterns that are keeping you stuck. When you learn how to heal old wounds, you free yourself from the pain of the past.

If you would like to sign up for both courses, we would recommend you take them in the order listed above, as Beyond Triggers and Trauma is more advanced work and requires a basic emotional skillset. You will save $50 if you register for both at once.

GuruMeher holds a big vision for global peace through individual emotional health, which he believes is accessible to everyone.

His name means “teacher of compassion.” His love of science and the desire to know how things work led him to study astrophysics at Cornell University. Depression and feelings of inadequacy shifted his interest to the Inner Universe – how we humans work and how that understanding can give people tools for happiness. Eastern philosophies and yoga for self-actualization, through a rigorously disciplined personal practice, became his crucible for self-healing.

Attracted by the idea of global change through personal transformation, teaching yoga and meditation became the way he could share what he found with others. He has trained thousands of yoga teachers internationally.

Through twenty years of counseling individuals and couples as a Professional Life Coach and Certified Yoga Therapist, he found that his clients could find answers to their problems with simple guidance and mindfulness techniques from yoga. Astounded by the predictable consistency of human emotional response to problems and trauma, GuruMeher theorized that each difficult emotion is a natural ally, awakened for a specific function to handle our challenges. His clinical work showed that to be true and resulted in the Senses of the Soul method, which has been called “the next evolution in therapy”. It is based on the premise that emotions are not problems to be treated, but are analogous to our immune system’s response to an infection; they are part of a remedy to heal difficult experiences. This mindful use of emotions has proven to be an effective path to self-healing, inner guidance and personal power.

Happily married for 35 years, GuruMeher and his wife, Siri Atma, live in Los Angeles, CA where they raised two emotionally strong children. They plan a return to their southern roots by building a home in the mountains near Asheville, NC.

You can find more information about GuruMeher’s books, online courses, workshops, teaching and counseling at sensesofthesoul.com.