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Senses of the Soul is a breakthrough in mental  and emotional health. It guides you to use troubling emotions as a friendly source of solutions to whatever is bothering you. It is both resource and workbook with information and practical exercises that will give you the immediate experience of handling your heaviest feelings, and knowing how to resolve them at their source.

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Senses of the Soul Audiobook and Paperback Bundle

Emotional Therapy for Strength, Healing and Guidance. By GuruMeher Khalsa

Feelings are your friends, with benefits. Would you like to:

  • Use Anxiety to bring you Peace?
  • Find the way the Depression renews energy and hope?
  • Transform Craving to Contentment?
  • Heal the lingering effects of traumatic past experiences?
  • Learn techniques you can practice anytime, that bring immediate relief?
  • Senses of the Soul is SOS for Emotions.

Emotions can be tough but there is a way to make them work for you. Heavy feelings are actually part of your sensory system. Just like your 5 senses, they help you get what you need and avoid harm.

Emotions are Messengers, like an internal GPS system. Your Senses of the Soul send out an SOS – a bad feeling – when something is going well, so you can make the situation better. When the problem is over, you feel good again. The problem is, we either ignore those messages or act them out instinctively.

The SOS Method is a retraining on how to use the emotions. It works immediately for anyone that can sit still for a few minutes. A person first just needs a little guidance: that the emotion is trying to tell you something to help you. Then, with willingness to actually feel whatever you are feeling, and ask what is needed, relief and real answers come.

The book is full of stories told by the people who discovered  the solutions within their feelings.

This book brings you techniques to:

  • Allow your emotions to serve you rather than control you
  • Find answers to solve your problems instantly on your own
  • Quit living with Pain and Past Trauma; Resolve issues at their source
  • Build trust in yourself and power within relationships
  • Discover the strength in your sensitivity to gain control over how you feel


Download Sample Pages

Use this link to download our Senses of the Soul Sample (PDF).

  • Table of Contents
  • Partial Sample Chapter
  • Full Increase Peace Exercise Instructions
  • Emotions Compared Knowledge Chart
  • Full List of Exercises

What Experts Are Saying

GuruMeher Khalsa offers new insight into understanding and managing emotions that is based on his long experience in psychological counseling and life coaching, and a life-long experience as a student of yoga and spirituality. Senses of the Soul is for all those who would like to understand the role and function of their emotions, and the ways of taking control over negative emotions on the road toward uninterrupted personal happiness. It is particularly useful for those would help in stress reduction and coping with overwhelming emotions.

Helen Lavretsky, M.D., M.S., Professor of Psychiatry
Director, stress and wellness research program
UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior

“Senses of the Soul is a new way to heal yourself on a deep level. GuruMeher Singh has included practical, proven, and effective techniques to help guide you to a higher state of positive well-being. I highly recommend it.

Dharma Singh Khalsa MD
Author of Meditation as Medicine
President Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation

GuruMeher Khalsa developed Senses of the Soul working deeply with students and clients for over 30 years. This approach to working with troubling emotions is a powerfully effective way to self-healing, inner guidance, and personal power.

The SOS Method has been called “the next evolution in therapy” and is available to thousands through teaching, coaching and public speaking events. GuruMeher offers video courses with online support through Soul Answer University, and live workshops through