Adjusting to Our New Reality. Evolution Save Us!

Adjusting to Our New Reality. Evolution Save Us!
Take hope progressive thinkers! The steady march of progress continues despite what seem like temporary setbacks. The ancient yogis realized that underlying the evolution of life on earth is the evolution of consciousness. It is an unstoppable force of nature and though it may seem painfully slow at times like these, it is accelerating in this Aquarian Age.
Less than 50 years ago inter-racial marriage was a CRIME! (See the excellent movie Loving, of the couple who fought that for us all!!) And marriage was just recently advanced to include the gender of your choice. Women’s issues have accelerated in light of exposure of abuse. I know, I know an abuser was elected and his people want to roll back rights, but Google the map that shows how people under 30 voted if you want to see the future. As older white men (like me) move off the planet, Aquarian youth will rule with vision and intuition replacing fear-based beliefs.
Don’t let the messy details mess with your head. See the evolutionary pressure at work to force adaptation and change. The info-wars are a prime example. 44% of people use Facebook as their primary news source. That means we are tending to hear and believe only what our friends say. If we read it, it must be true. Ironically, unrestricted access to all information has made us gullible to conspiracy theories and believing comfortable opinions over facts. This is awakening in us a need for more than opinion and information alone, a need for truth. Aren’t you hungry for it? A way to know solidly what is right, whom to trust, what is best for you, which action to take, confident decision-making.
It’s called sensitivity, clarity, neutral mind, intuition, working from the heart. And it is awakening in all of us in response to info overload and rapid change. The power within each of us to know what is right, will be our salvation. (Arrival is another current movie that speaks to this future. And the hero is a sensitive woman who uses that quality to do what anger can’t. Okay, so I live in L.A. and see our evolution in movies too!)
The future belongs to those who live from their hearts and thus are guided by universal truths rather than personal or geographic prejudice. So live on that evolutionary forefront by honoring and cultivating sensitivity, Meditatively engage your mind. Contemplatively use your feelings as “feelers” to sense your way through the chaos. Trust not the face and words of a person, but the state of their consciousness. Study not just the world out there, but your inner equipment through which you perceive reality.

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