Higher Emotions

The Higher Emotions

These Appear When Your Blocks Are Clear.


Every bad feeling arises for a positive purpose.

People sometimes ask me, “You talk about all these hard emotions. What about the good ones?” Good question. First, if you look at the last two columns on the Emotions Compared chart (page 51), you’ll see in the fifth column that each emotion has a job. Each emotion “seeks” some really nice things we all want more of, like safety, truth, and honor, so that we can experience the “gifts,” or end results, like Peace, Trust, and Courage. So each “lower
octave” emotion resonates with a “higher octave” emotion. No emotion is good or bad, though feelings certainly seem to make it so. These totally enjoyable higher emotions have no ill effects, though each has a unique contribution to the fulfillment of complete or universal consciousness.

Second, the Seven Heavies work a bit differently from the elevated emotions. Although we may always call intentionally on the power of the heavies for dramatic effect and to achieve a certain impact, we don’t generally seek them out. They come unbidden and usually unwelcome when they are needed to deal with a problem and resolve a situation. The higher emotions are always there, like air; they are essential and present but unnoticed due to all the more tangible, stronger feelings. The higher emotions are felt when heavy emotions are finished clearing away anything that blocks us from enjoying life’s subtler pleasures. So, dealing well with our dark feelings facilitates their work to bring us back to the light. The good stuff, like love and happiness, are our default feelings—they are always there when we are clear.

If you have felt bad for long enough, all of this will seem farfetched, but you can experience it whenever your mind is quiet enough—during times of relaxation, deep meditation, or sleep. Serenity, Joy, and Peace are very real experiences that are natural, normal, stable realities. They pervade the universe and are what you feel when there is nothing hindering their flow, when there is no disaster alarm ringing louder than these quiet truths. No matter how big the trauma or how long-standing the suffering, when things are cleared up, even for a moment, that background of happiness is felt.

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